Rotolux history

Rotolux is known in the European wrapping paper industry since 1986.
The first of Octobre 1986, "Claerhout Verpakkingen" was founded as wholesaler and traditional printing business of gift wrapping paper. Base paper rolls were bought one by one when orders came in, and printed on a part of an old-fashioned flexo press.

The first of July 1987 the sole proprietorship of Dirk Claerhout became “BVBA Claerhout Verpakkingen”. We installed our first Personal Computer and fax machine. For us this was a big step forward. At the time a PC had a hard disk of 20 MB and a fax machine costed 2 500 euros ...

Our first real flexo printing press, a 4 coulours-"Stack", arrived in 1988. Back then this press was allready 20 years old, but she would be in use right up untill 2008! Also in 1988, we installed our first paper rolling machine.

At the end of the year 1989 we installed our new offices in the Brugsesteenweg in Kortrijk. But due to a storm in the spring of 1990 our offices were totally destroyed when a wall collapsed. That's why we were forced to temporarily rent a building in Overleiestraat in Kortijk. At this address we opened a decoration shop called "Novapack".

A year of big changes.  A building was purchased in Roterijstraat 72 in Kortijk. We also bought a gravure press that could print six colours: a “Merkur” from Windmöller & Holscher.  

We changed our sales policy completely. The wholesale "Claerhout Verpakkingen" was sold and we ceased the retail sales.  The production department continued independently as "Rotolux N.V.".  Wholesale, resellers and large-scale consumers became the main target of Rotolux. We updated and went hunting for takeover targets. "Liberty papier" in Geraardsbergen, was the first in line. The wrapping paper department "Hoolans" was our biggest takeover.  Rotolux also participated in other manufacturing companies: END-verpakking, Foroprint, Label Express. In recent years we gradually reduced these participations to focus on "Rotolux N.V.", the only manufacturer of wrapping paper in Belgium. 

Again Rotolux has invested heavily. The financial companies Cladir BVBA and Rotolux NV merged together. This merger provided new opportunities : we bought a new copper gravure printing press, a "Heliostar" from Windmöller & Holscher. This press has a printing width of 120 cm. At the same time we purchased our current factory buildings: 7 000 m² for storage and manufacturing. The relocation to Grasstraat 6 in Vichte in january went without any problems. Ecological considerations were fundamental for this investment stategy. We needed new machines with supperior drying capacity to be able to print with waterbased-inks. After a year of research and testing, we were able to print our entire collection ROTALIA with waterbased inks. We shared our experience and knowledge with several other companies.

A new 6 coulour flexo printing press with a printing width of 120 cm was put in use, together with a full automatic rolling machine. The registered trademarks Aniella flower wrapping paper, Helia wrapping paper, Ribolux ribbons and Rotalia gift wrapping paper are certainly not unknown in the wrapping paper industry. All our designs are bought with exploitation rights or made in our own design studio. Therefore Rotolux is able to offer a unique collection of wrapping materials and packaging.

Another year with large investments. We installed a paper roll saw and reorganised the rolling section. The icing on the cake: a full automatique rolling set for counter rolls. Unique in Europe!

We replaced our old Wohlenberg cutting machine by a new POLAR paper cutting machine.

As a rapidly growing company, Rotolux is named GRAPHIC GAZELLE of Flanders!

Rotolux is FSC-certified. Our products bearing the FSC seal originate from well-managed forests. By using paper from well-managed forests, Rotolux proves to be beneficial to people and nature.

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