ROTOLUX uses water based inks and is FSC®-certified

In 2005 ROTOLUX has made an important business decision.

Our factory buildings on Roterijstraat in Kortijk had become too small. A new European directive about emissions of solvents came into force. But located in the center of the city, it was impossible for us to install an afterburer installation. So to continue our production we were obliged to relocate.
In 2006 we moved to our new buildings in Vichte. This was a big improvement concerning usable space and an opportunity to make our company more eco-friendly.

In 2006 Rotolux switched from solvent based to water based inks. We installed a new printing installation. This was necessary because printing with water-based inks requires very high drying-capacity to remove the water. Thus the emission of solvents is now eliminated because we don't use solvents anymore. After printing, we wash the ink containers and ink cylinders with plain water and soap. Our wastewater is collected and recycled (zero- discharge) by a certified wastewater processor.

Our waste paper is also collected for recycling.  A recycling company seperates it and makes it into new paper and cardboard. By recycling paper and using recycled paper, trees are spared (every ton of paper made from recycled fiber saves approximately 17 trees).

Since 2012 Rotolux is FSC®-certified. Paper is made from a natural renewable resource, wood, which has the capacity to be produced in an endless cycle. To safeguard this cycle, our forests have to be managed and harvested in a sustainable manner. Our products bearing the FSC® seal originate from well-managed forests. By using wood from well-managed forests, Rotolux proves to be beneficial to people and nature.

As shown Rotolux is not only mad about colour and design, but also about the environment.

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